Oral Health and Overall Health

Beyond the normal concerns of cavities and straight teeth, your oral health can have a negative or positive impact on many aspects of your overall physical health. In fact, some of the first signs of a disease can appear in your mouth.

The bacteria that are constantly invading and habituating your mouth can be kept under control when proper brushing and flossing are taking place. But when they are not kept under control, bacteria can infiltrate your body through the blood stream causing or exasperating other conditions in your body.

Such conditions as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, respiratory conditions and even AIDS can be affected by poor oral health. Poor dental health can also affect sleeping patterns, development in children, and potentially cause premature births. Were you aware brushing your teeth could be so vital to you outside of your teeth and gums?

If you weren’t already convinced that maintaining your oral health was important, hopefully understanding better the relationship between oral and overall health will help out. Ask us what symptoms you should be aware of and what important dental care steps you can take to protect you and your families’ overall health.