Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Precautions

We are very proud of the safety protocols we have in place. We have gone above and beyond the safety protocols recommended by the CDC and local departments of public health. We have all the best PPE to keep you and our team safe. Below are a few protocols you will notice:

  • Each person entering the office is required to wear a mask, have their temperature taken, and use hand sanitizer when they enter.
  • Only the patient will be allowed to enter the office, unless they are a minor. Then only one parent will be allowed to enter.
  • We reconfigured our scheduling to minimize traffic in our office and promote social distancing of 6 feet away or more.
  • We take temperatures and monitor ourselves for any potential COVID-19 symptoms. If we have any symptoms, we are staying home.
  • Patients are asked to complete a questionnaire about any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • We are migrating to a truly paperless system by using online forms as much as possible. This will minimize any handling of pens or other material.
  • Each treatment room is equipped with HEPA filters that kill pathogens with a UV light safely.
  • We have new instruments and equipment to minimize the aerosol produced during treatment.
  • We will ask each patient to rinse with hydrogen peroxide rinse prior to being treated. Studies show this can decrease viral loads in a patient’s saliva briefly.
  • During treatment, we are wearing the best personal protective equipment including gowns, face shields, and special masks that filter 95% of the particles (N95s).

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We are reopening June 1st!

We have missed you! After 2 1/2 months of staying open only for emergency treatment, we are excited and ready to see you again for routine treatment. We have always kept safety at the top of our priorities, and we are even safer than ever before! We are fully equipped with the best PPE and safety measures possible. For the first few weeks, we will have limited hours to ease back in. Below are some of the protocols we have in place to keep our patients and team safe:

  • We will be taking temperatures and monitor ourselves for any potential COVID-19 symptoms. If we have any symptoms, we are staying home to save lives.
  • Patients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about any COVID-19 symptoms along with getting their temperature taken when they enter the office.
  • Each person entering the office will be required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer when they enter.
  • Only the patient will be allowed to enter the office, unless they are a minor. Then only one parent will be allowed to enter.
  • We reconfigured our scheduling to minimize traffic in our office and promoting social distancing of 6 feet away or more.
  • We are migrating to a truly paperless system by using online forms as much as possible. This will minimize any handling of pens or other material.
  • Each treatment room is equipped with HEPA filters that will kill pathogens with a UV light safely.
  • We have new instruments and tools to minimize the aerosol produced during treatment.
  • We will ask each patient to rinse with hydrogen peroxide rinse prior to being treated. Studies show this can decrease viral loads in a patient’s saliva briefly.
  • We will be wearing additional personal protective equipment such as gowns, face shields, and special masks that filter 95% of the particles (N95s).

One thing that has not changed is our mission to help you live your best life by providing compassionate care in a safe and comfortable environment. Give us a call to set up an appointment (773-847-64539 for the Archer office or 773-685-2135 for the Belmont office). We hope to see you soon!

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Forever Dental’s COVID-19 Response

As the spread with COVID-19 becomes more prevalent, both of our offices will continue to be closed for routine treatment, until further notice. 

Due to the mandate of the Illinois Department of Public Health and the extended shelter in place order, all dental offices will continue to be closed until further notice for routine dental treatment. We are hopeful that we will reopen with normal business hours in the next several weeks, based on guidance from the State of Illinois and City of Chicago.

We miss our patients, and we still will continue to be available during limited hours for true emergency visits.  Please refer to this link for what is considered an emergency.

Please give us a call at 773-847-6453 (Archer Location) or 773-685-2135 (Belmont Location) to find out when we have times available.  If we are not in the office, please leave a message, and we will respond within 1-2 business days.

If you have an appointment in the next few weeks, we will call or text you to reschedule. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

During this time, we are working on how to reopen in this new environment, while keeping our patients and team safe.  We also are doing our best to help our community. We have donated masks and gloves to hospitals and front line workers as well as donated blood to help with filling the shortage.

As the situation changes by the day, we will do our best to keep our patients updated.  Please stay safe and healthy. We wish you and your family good health and peace of mind during this difficult time.

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Welcome Dr. George Frayn to Forever Dental!

The Forever Dental team is so excited to welcome Dr. George Frayn and the Precision Dental Arts team into our family! Dr. Frayn brings 25 years of experience serving patients to the team. We are pleased to also welcome Kathy to the team.

To Dr. Frayn’s patients of Precision Dental Arts: we look forward to meeting you and continuing to bring the high standards of care and compassion that you’ve come to expect over all these years.

A letter from Dr. Frayn:

I’m excited to announce that as of February 28 2019, I will be moving to a new location and joining a group dental practice. The name and new location is:

Forever Dental
5738 W Belmont Ave
Chicago IL 60634

Tel: 773-685-2135 or 773-777-8282

George Frayn DDSLike my self, the other doctors are well-qualified graduates of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and offer compassionate and quality care. Your care will continue seamlessly, as all of your records and x-rays will move with me to Forever Dental.

I’m looking forward to being able to collaborate with the other doctors on challenging cases, resulting in better care for you. I’m also comforted to know that there will be better coverage in case you have a dental emergency.

My assistant, Kathy, the staff at Forever Dental, and I look forward to serving you at our new location!
Sincerely yours,

George R Frayn, DDS


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The Importance of Back to School Dental Check-ups

Getting ready to go back to school can be a hectic time. It is best to do a little planning ahead so that the school year begins smoothly. This not only means getting the proper school supplies, it also involves making sure your child is in good health. One key to avoiding setbacks during the academic year is to begin school with a healthy smile! A dental check-up before classes begin diminishes the likelihood of a child not being able to concentrate on their schoolwork, or missing days due to the discomfort of a dental problem.

Picture1A dental exam before the start of the school year is so important that many states have mandated periodic evaluations as a condition of school entry. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research Dental tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease. Over 50 percent of 5 to 9 year old children have at least one cavity or filling, with that proportion increasing to 78 percent among 17-year-olds. Additionally, more than 51 million school hours are lost each year to dental-related illness.

Although the statistics indicate a high incidence of dental decay in children, helping your child avoid developing cavities is as simple as making an appointment for a routine dental exam. As prevalent as tooth decay is, it is also highly preventable and can be easily treated before any larger problems develop. While dental check-ups and professional cleanings at regular intervals are important for everyone to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, it is especially essential for children. Changes in diet or oral habits, unfavorable jaw growth or development, and trauma to the oral cavity in children can rapidly alter the state of their smile.

Good dental routines established in youngsters provide a strong foundation for maintaining oral health over the course of a lifetime. When oral healthcare begins at an early age and continues on a regular basis the dentist can follow your child’s dental growth and development, provide preventative care, and effectively treat the initial stages of the vast majority of problems. Furthermore, early training in the fundamentals of proper oral hygiene techniques and dietary habits benefit not only a child’s smile, it improves their overall health and sense of well-being.

With regular dental check-ups your child will become more and more comfortable in the dental office. At each periodic exam the dentist will go over the child’s medical and dental history, examine their teeth and all of the surrounding soft tissues, as well as check their bite and jaw alignment. Dental x-rays may be taken to check for tooth decay, infection, or to evaluate developing teeth and underlying bone. The dentist or dental hygienist will then do a professional dental cleaning to eliminate any plaque or debris that has accumulated between the teeth or in hard to reach places. A topical fluoride treatment is oftentimes performed after the cleaning. This serves to strengthen the teeth by re-mineralizing the small imperfections in the tooth enamel. Topical fluoride is a safe and effective way to combat tooth decay.

Picture2When a child’s permanent molars and premolars come into place, the dentist will also recommend the placement of dental sealants. This procedure involves the application of very thin plastic coating to the chewing surfaces of the permanent back teeth. Sealants act to protect the vulnerable areas of these teeth from the bacteria and acids that cause decay. Dental sealants are quite strong and can last for several years, never the less the dentist will evaluate them at dental check-up visits to make sure that they are intact and reapply as needed.
It is a good idea at the back to school exam to inform the dentist which athletic teams or sports activities your child will be joining in the coming year. Sports accidents account for a high percentage of dental injuries in school age children. Although sports related injuries are unavoidable, some can be prevented. Studies have demonstrated that wearing a mouthguard significantly lowers the incidence as well as the severity of trauma to the teeth and mouth area. Based on your child’s dental development, the dentist will advise you which mouthguard is most suitable and will fabricate a custom mouthguard as needed.

A new school year brings new routines and its own set of unique challenges for a child. This is why it is so important that the transition back to school be as healthy as possible. Taking the time before classes begin to make sure your child’s smile is in tiptop shape helps them to put their best foot forward for a successful year.

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Teeth Whitening

A smile is a universal expression. It communicates happiness, radiates warmth, and makes a positive impression on others. An attractive sparkling white smile is not just associated with dental health; it is also viewed as an important asset in terms of an individual’s self-esteem, social interaction, and career success. Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally beautiful pearly whites. However, thanks to developments in the area of cosmetic dentistry over the past few decades, less than perfect smiles can be dramatically improved. Among the most sought after and popular dental cosmetic treatments available today is teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening or bleaching simply refers to any process that will make the teeth appear whiter. The options for teeth whitening run the gamut from over the counter toothpastes, rinses, strips, or gels to professionally supervised in-office and take-home procedures. There are in fact so many products on the market addressing teeth that are stained or discolored, that the choices can be both confusing and overwhelming. This is why it is a good idea to speak with your dentist when considering teeth whitening. The dentist can explain how each product works and if it is safe as well as appropriate for your situation.

How white a tooth looks is determined by how light is reflected and scattered off the enamel, the outermost layer of the tooth. Teeth can appear dark or discolored for any number of reasons. An imperfect appearance can be the result of either surface stains or discolorations inside of the tooth. While external tooth discoloration is typically due to certain foods and tobacco, internal tooth discoloration is mainly the result of genetics, certain medications, tooth decay, restorations, and trauma. Aging also plays a big role in tooth color. This is because over time the outer layer of enamel becomes thinner allowing more influence on tooth appearance by the inner layer of yellowish dentin.

1 People Smiling In many situations teeth whitening procedures will produce pleasing results. However, not every type of stain or discoloration responds well to teeth whitening. Some cases may require a different approach for cosmetic improvement. A dental exam and cleaning before a whitening procedure is important to determine that your teeth and gums are healthy, to remove any superficial stains and films that have built up on your teeth, as well to determine if you can expect a good result. Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. The fact that whiteners do not affect the color of dental fillings, crowns and bridges is an important cosmetic consideration in planning treatment. In general, individuals with yellow tones to their teeth respond best to teeth whitening. Brown and grayish tinted teeth bleach respond less well and may require significantly longer dentist supervised tooth whitening regimens or alternative cosmetic treatments. Finally, teeth whitening may not be recommended in the presence of sensitive teeth, worn enamel and significant gum disease.

There are two major groups of teeth whitening products:

  • Peroxide containing bleaching agents
  • Whitening toothpastes or dentifrices

These products and procedures can be dispensed, managed, and supervised by your dentist, or independently purchased over the counter products that you self-direct.

Although over the counter teeth whitening systems purchased in stores or online have become popular, there are health concerns and limitations with these products. Teeth whitening products can damage the teeth and soft tissue in the mouth, and without professional monitoring they can be easily be misused or abused. While some over the counter products may work when healthy teeth and gums are present, they can be ineffective or problematic when sensitive teeth, exposed roots, cavities, broken fillings, cracked teeth, or loose dental work are present. As a rule the healthiest and most effective methods of teeth whitening are the ones managed and supervised by your dentist.

2 People Smiling An in-office teeth whitening procedure by your dentist is the best and safest way to get the maximum results immediately. In as little as one hour a professional strength in-office whitening system can give you a more pleasing smile with teeth that are several shades whiter than their original shade. Under the careful supervision of your dentist the surrounding soft tissues, gums, as well as any sensitive areas of the teeth are carefully isolated and protected from the effects of the bleaching agents.

A home whitening system from your dentist along with custom trays that have been fitted to your teeth is also an excellent option. The trays fabricated by your dentist help to keep the bleaching agents in maximum contact with the teeth and away from the other areas of your mouth. Performing a home teeth whitening is a more subtle and gradual process. Maximum results are less rapid than an in office procedure and are typically achieved over a longer period of time. In certain instances an at home whitening system may be recommended by your dentist as a follow up regimen to the in office procedure in order to perfect or maintain your results.

How long your teeth whitening lasts depends on your lifestyle. Your eating, drinking, and smoking habits can have a big impact on maintaining your result. Of course the best way to insure that your smile stays healthy and beautiful is a good daily oral healthcare regimen along with regular dental check ups and cleanings.

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Do you need a nighttime mouth guard?

Do you often wake up in the morning with a sore or a painful jaw? Do you hear a popping sound when you open and close your mouth? Does your tongue have small indentations in it? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then you may be suffering from teeth grinding, also called bruxism. In the United States, bruxism affects about 30 million to 40 million children and adults. Sure, occasional teeth grinding may be more of a nuisance than cause for alarm, but the truth of the matter is, if you do it on a regular basis, it can seriously damage your teeth and affect your oral health. Teeth grinding can occur for several reasons, including anxiety, stress, an abnormal bite, missing teeth and even sleep apnea. While some grinding does occur in the daytime, the most common and difficult to control is bruxism that happens while you sleep. Regardless of why you grind your teeth, the condition can be prevented with the use of a night guard. Wearing a night guard plays a vital role in the treatment and prevention of conditions caused by teeth grinding.

Man smilingFor those who suffer from bruxism, the constant clenching of your teeth puts pressure on the muscles, tissues and other structures of your jaw. These can cause headaches, earaches, jaw pain and muscle soreness.  However, there are serious dental conditions that can arise from bruxism.

Teeth grinding can cause the outer layers of enamel to wear away, thereby exposing dentin and creating tooth sensitivity.  Teeth grinding can also advance the aging of your teeth or loosen them.  Constant grinding may even wear your teeth down to little stumps and cause dental fillings to fall out.  Bruxism may also cause or worsen temporomandibular joint problems and disorders (TMJ).  Like all other joints in the body, the temporomandibular joint is prone to inflammation and other chronic joint problems.  Teeth grinding puts pressure on the joint that can lead to irritation and failure of the joint itself.

Wearing a nighttime mouth guard is your best defense against the harmful oral effects of teeth grinding.  It protects your teeth from the trauma of clenching and prevents the molars from grinding together.  Before you choose a mouth guard, you need to know your options. There are three different types of mouth guards.  The first, called stock mouth protectors, are pre-molded and ready to be worn.  They are low-cost and can be purchased at most sporting goods stores and department stores.  However, since these are preformed and come in a ready-made size, they do not offer any flexibility to fit each person’s mouth and offer little to no protection. They also tend to be very clunky and esthetically unappealing.  For these reasons, dentists do not recommend them.

Woman smilingThe second type of mouth guards, known as boil and bite mouth protectors, can also be purchased at many sporting goods stores and may give you a slightly better fit than stock mouth protectors.  These mouth guards are made from thermoplastic material that is placed in hot water to soften, then placed in the mouth and shaped around the teeth using finger and tongue pressure (hence the name “boil and bite”).  However, these mouth guards, while better than stock do not offer anything close to a custom fit.

The third and best option of mouth guards are custom-fitted mouth protectors. These are individually designed and fabricated in a dentist’s office.  First, your dentist will make an imprint of your teeth and a mouth guard is then molded over this impression model using special material.  Because of this special material and the time and work that goes into making it, this mouth guard offers the greatest fit, comfort and protection.

You may have many questions about which mouth guard is most suitable for specific needs.  Your dentist can suggest the best mouth guard for you. While it may seem easier and cheaper to buy a ready-made mouth guard at your local sporting goods store, a professionally made appliance customized to your fit your mouth precisely is your best bet for optimum protection and relief. You may think that teeth grinding doesn’t seem to cause much damage in the moment, but over time, it can affect your teeth tremendously. The right mouth guard will make a world of difference in protecting your teeth and preventing further damage.

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Transforming Your Smile With Dental Veneers

A beautiful smile is one of your most important assets. This simple and universal expression has a power beyond measure. In the absence of words it can communicate your most positive emotions. It radiates your personal warmth and inspires the confidence and trust of those around you.

Because a smile illuminates your face and highlights your features more than any other gesture, an attractive smile contributes to a positive self-image. According to dental surveys, many people believe that being secure about the appearance of their smile helps them in both their social and professional interactions.
Although some people have a naturally pleasing smile, there are many who feel theirs requires improvement. Fortunately, thanks to advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry, there are many options available today to transform and perfect the look of one’s smile.

One of the most esthetic and conservative means of creating a more pleasing and beautiful smile is the placement of dental veneers. Offering a relatively quick avenue to a dramatic and highly satisfying smile improvement, dental veneers are thin facings that are individually custom designed and bonded to the visible surfaces of the front teeth. Beyond taking very few visits, dental veneers are appealing because they require the removal of very little tooth structure. In many situations they are an excellent alternative to full coverage dental crowns for modifying the size, shape and color of the front teeth as well as perfecting the overall appearance of your smile.

If you are interested in improving the look of your smile with dental veneers you will first see your dentist for a smile makeover consultation. At this visit the dentist can assess the overall health of your teeth, the surrounding tissues and jawbones, and begin the process of analyzing your smile. If you have not had a complete dental examination in the recent past it will be recommended that you have one done. This is so that any decay, gum disease, infections, or other dental problems can be addressed before beginning cosmetic care.

Dental veneers may improve the appearance of front teeth that are:

  • Stained or discolored
  • Slightly crowded or misaligned
  • Peg shaped or undersized
  • Have spaces or gaps between them
  • Minimally chipped, fractured, or worn down

Depending on a variety of factors, dental veneers can be made of either porcelain or composite resin materials. Your dentist will decide with you which material best suits your needs and budget. When done correctly, both materials are capable of producing a beautiful result.

Porcelain veneers are typically fabricated from what is known as dental grade porcelain. A very durable material, porcelain has an inherent translucency that gives it a remarkable ability to create the most life-like and naturally appearing tooth surface. Porcelain veneers are highly stain resistant and will not darken from richly colored foods or habits like cigarette smoking. Although they are ultra thin and inherently brittle, once bonded to the teeth these veneers are very strong. Porcelain veneers are most often fabricated in a dental laboratory and take just a couple of visits from start to finish. They are generally more expensive and more difficult to repair than composite veneers, but if they are cared for properly will last longer and require less maintenance.

While porcelain veneers are fabricated from an impression and outside of the mouth, composite resin veneers offer the possibility of being directly sculpted onto one or any number of teeth in a single visit. Made from the same materials as white fillings, composite resin veneers are also capable of creating naturally appearing and absolutely brilliant smiles. However, since composite resin is a more porous material than glazed porcelain, these veneers can be more susceptible to staining or chipping.

Since cosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science your dentist will consider many factors to determine the type, shape, and size of the dental veneers most suited to your case. Achieving facial harmony and balance is of paramount importance. Your smile improvement expectations and goals will play a significant role in the treatment plan.
Once your new dental veneers are permanently placed you can begin to enjoy the beauty of your improved smile. Your veneers can be cared for just as you care for your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing and routine dental care are important. Your dentist may advise you to avoid toothpastes that are overly abrasive, as well as certain foods that may damage your veneers. A mouthguard or nightguard may be suggested in situations where the front teeth may be exposed to potential injury from sports or grinding and clenching habits.

Transforming your smile can impact both your life and your outlook. Considering the array of cosmetic concerns that dental veneers are able to address, it is no wonder they have become such a popular choice for cosmetic smile makeovers.

If you want to learn more about dental veneers and how they can help you transform your smile, please don’t hesitate to contact Forever Dental today!

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Complete Care Dental is becoming Forever Dental

Patients, Family and Friends,

When we launched Complete Care Dental nearly 8 years ago at Archer (4450 South Archer Avenue), we had a wonderful goal in mind: provide compassionate care in a safe and comfortable environment, and make each of our patients feel like a family member. We’ve grown our patient base, staff and doctor list over this time as well, and have been able to offer more services, better hours, and even better care over these 8 years.

In November 2014, we expanded to a second Chicago location, known as Belmont (5738 West Belmont Avenue). With this expansion comes even more services, more staff, and more hours for our patients.

Today, we are taking this to the next step. Since starting, we’ve always felt we could do better with our name. Going forward, Complete Care Dental will be known as Forever Dental. You can already see the new logo and branding at our Belmont location, and you will soon see this at Archer. You will see it on our signs, our business cards, and our flyers. And, of course, our website!

Thank you!

Dr. Reshma Dhake and the Forever Dental team


P.S. What do you think of our new logo?

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Introducing the new CompleteCareDental.com!

Website, 2007-2013

CompleteCareDental.com, from 2007 to mid 2013

Back in 2007, we released the first Complete Care Dental website. It was modern, state of the art, fast, and designed with the latest website features in place.

The world has changed since 2007. Smartphones and tablets have taken over. More than half of our website visitors reach us by phone or tablet, and most of our patients carry smartphones with them.

Complete Care Dental.com today, on a mobile device

CompleteCareDental.com today, on a mobile device

We decided 6 months ago to rebuild our website from the ground up. The new version would be fast, mobile-friendly, and built with modern tools. And now, 6 months later, We are happy to release the new CompleteCareDental.com! This new website will let us keep the website current, write new and interesting articles about keeping your smile healthy, and allow us to communicate with you in ways we haven’t been able to in the past.

You may experience a few rough edges, so please help us out! If you discovered anything missing or broken, please contact us, email us, or call us.

The Complete Care Dental Family

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