Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Precautions

We are very proud of the safety protocols we have in place. We have gone above and beyond the safety protocols recommended by the CDC and local departments of public health. We have all the best PPE to keep you and our team safe. Below are a few protocols you will notice:

  • Each person entering the office is required to wear a mask, have their temperature taken, and use hand sanitizer when they enter.
  • Only the patient will be allowed to enter the office, unless they are a minor. Then only one parent will be allowed to enter.
  • We reconfigured our scheduling to minimize traffic in our office and promote social distancing of 6 feet away or more.
  • We take temperatures and monitor ourselves for any potential COVID-19 symptoms. If we have any symptoms, we are staying home.
  • Patients are asked to complete a questionnaire about any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • We are migrating to a truly paperless system by using online forms as much as possible. This will minimize any handling of pens or other material.
  • Each treatment room is equipped with HEPA filters that kill pathogens with a UV light safely.
  • We have new instruments and equipment to minimize the aerosol produced during treatment.
  • We will ask each patient to rinse with hydrogen peroxide rinse prior to being treated. Studies show this can decrease viral loads in a patient’s saliva briefly.
  • During treatment, we are wearing the best personal protective equipment including gowns, face shields, and special masks that filter 95% of the particles (N95s).

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