Welcome Dr. George Frayn to Forever Dental!

The Forever Dental team is so excited to welcome Dr. George Frayn and the Precision Dental Arts team into our family! Dr. Frayn brings 25 years of experience serving patients to the team. We are pleased to also welcome Kathy to the team.

To Dr. Frayn’s patients of Precision Dental Arts: we look forward to meeting you and continuing to bring the high standards of care and compassion that you’ve come to expect over all these years.

A letter from Dr. Frayn:

I’m excited to announce that as of February 28 2019, I will be moving to a new location and joining a group dental practice. The name and new location is:

Forever Dental
5738 W Belmont Ave
Chicago IL 60634

Tel: 773-685-2135 or 773-777-8282

George Frayn DDSLike my self, the other doctors are well-qualified graduates of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and offer compassionate and quality care. Your care will continue seamlessly, as all of your records and x-rays will move with me to Forever Dental.

I’m looking forward to being able to collaborate with the other doctors on challenging cases, resulting in better care for you. I’m also comforted to know that there will be better coverage in case you have a dental emergency.

My assistant, Kathy, the staff at Forever Dental, and I look forward to serving you at our new location!
Sincerely yours,

George R Frayn, DDS


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